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Beta-carbolines are "reversible" MAO-A inhibitors. They are found in some plants used to make Ayahuasca. In high doses the harmala alkaloids are somewhat hallucinogenic on their own. (Harmine = 1-methyl-beta-carboline)
Amsonia tabernaemontana, Harmine
Aspidosperma exalatum, Beta-carbolines
Aspidosperma polyneuron, Beta-carbolines
Apocynum cannabinum, Harmalol

Ochrosia nakaiana, Harman
Pleicarpa mutica, Beta-carbolines
Newbouldia laevis, Harman
Calycanthus occidentalis, Harmine

Hammada leptoclada, Tetrahydroharman, etc.
Kochia scoparia, Harmine, etc.
Guiera senegalensis, Harman, etc.
Carex brevicollis, Harmine, etc.
Carex parva, Beta-carbolines
Elaeagnus angustifolia, Harman, etc.

Elaeagnus commutata, Beta-carbolines

Elaeagnus hortensis, Tetrahydroharman, etc.
Elaeagnus orientalis, Tetrahydroharman
Elaeagnus spinosa, Tetrahydroharman
Hippophae rhamnoides, Harman, etc.
Shepherdia argentea, Tetrahydroharmol

Shepherdia canadensis, Tetrahydroharmol

Arundo donax, Tetrahydroharman

Festuca arundinacea, Harman, etc.

Lolium perenne, (Perennial Ryegrass), Harman, etc.

Phalaris aquatica, Beta-carbolines
Phalaris arundinacea, Beta-carbolines
Nectandra megapotamica, Beta-carbolines
Acacia baileyana, Tetrahydroharman
Acacia complanata, Tetrahydroharman, etc.
Burkea africana, Harman, etc.
Desmodium gangeticum, Beta-carbolines
Desmodium gyrans, Beta-carbolines
Desmodium pulchellum, Harman, etc.
Mucuna pruriens, 6-Methoxy-Harman
Petalostylis labicheoides, Tetrahydroharman; MAO's up to 0.5%
Prosopis nigra, Harman, etc.
Shepherdia pulchellum, Beta-carbolines
Strychnos melinoniana, Beta-carbolines
Strychnos usambarensis, Harman
Banisteriopsis argentia, 5-methoxytetrahydroharman, (-)-N(6)-methoxytetrahydroharman, dimethyltryptamine-N(6)-oxide
Banisteriopsis caapi, Harmine 0.31-0.84%, tetrahydroharmine, telepathine, dihydroshihunine,[ 5-MeO-DMT in bark

Banisteriopsis inebrians, Beta-carbolines
Banisteriopsis lutea, Harmine, telepathine
Banisteriopsis metallicolor, Harmine, telepathin
Banisteriopsis muricata, Harmine up to 6%, harmaline up to 4%, plus DMT
Diplopterys cabrerana, Beta-carbolines
Cabi pratensis, Beta-carbolines
Callaeum antifebrile(syn. Cabi paraensis), Harmine
Tetrapterys methystica(syn. Tetrapteris methystica), Harmine
Gymnacranthera paniculata, Beta-carbolines
Horsfieldia superba Beta-carbolines
Virola cuspidata, 6-Methoxy-Harman
Virola rufula, Beta-carbolines
Virola theiodora, Beta-carbolines
Testulea gabonensis, Beta-carbolines
Plectocomiopsis geminiflora, Beta-carbolines
Meconopsis horridula, Beta-carbolines
Meconopsis napaulensis, Beta-carbolines

Meconopsis paniculata, Beta-carbolines
Meconopsis robusta, Beta-carbolines
Meconopsis rudis, Beta-carbolines
Papaver rhoeas, Beta-carbolines

Passiflora actinia, Harman
Passiflora alata, Harman

Passiflora alba, Harman
Passiflora bryonoides, Harman
Passiflora caerulea, Harman

Passiflora capsularis, Harman
Passiflora decaisneana, Harman
Passiflora edulis, Harman, 0-7001 ppm in fruit
Passiflora eichleriana, Harman
Passiflora foetida, Harman
Passiflora incarnata (with bee), Harmine, Harmaline, Harman, etc. 0.03%. Alkaloids in rind of fruit 0.25%

Passiflora quadrangularis, Harman

Passiflora ruberosa, Harman
Passiflora subpeltata, Harman

Passiflora warmingii, Harman
Calligonum minimum, Beta-carbolines
Leptactinia densiflora, Leptaflorine, etc.
Ophiorrhiza japonica, Harman
Pauridiantha callicarpoides, Harman
Pauridiantha dewevrei, Harman
Pauridiantha lyalli, Harman
Pauridiantha viridiflora, Harman
Simira klugei, Harman
Simira rubra, Harman
Borreria verticillata, Beta-carbolines
Leptactinia densiflora, Beta-carbolines
Nauclea diderrichii, Beta-carbolines
Ophiorrhiza japonica, Beta-carbolines
Pauridiantha callicarpoides, Beta-carbolines
Pauridiantha dewevrei, Beta-carbolines
Pauridiantha yalli, Beta-carbolines
Pauridiantha viridiflora, Beta-carbolines
Pavetta lanceolata, Beta-carbolines
Psychotria carthagenensis, Beta-carbolines
Psychotria viridis, Beta-carbolines
Simira klugei, Beta-carbolines
Simira rubra, Beta-carbolines
Uncaria attenuata, Beta-carbolines
Uncaria canescens, Beta-carbolines
Uncaria orientalis, Beta-carbolines
Tetradium (syn. Evodia) species: Some contain carbolines
Euodia leptococca Beta-carboline
Araliopsis tabouensis, Beta-carbolines
Flindersia laevicarpa, Beta-carbolines
Xanthoxylum rhetsa, Beta-carbolines
Chrysophyllum lacourtianum, Norharman etc.
Ailanthus malabarica, Beta-carbolines.See also Nag Champa.
Perriera madagascariensis, Beta-carbolines
Picrasma ailanthoides, Beta-carbolines
Picrasma crenata, Beta-carbolines
Picrasma excelsa, Beta-carbolines
Picrasma javanica, Beta-carbolines
Vestia foetida, (Syn V. lycioides) Beta-carbolines

Vestia foetida
Symplocos racemosa, Harman
Grewia mollis, Beta-carbolines
Fagonia cretica, Harman

Nitraria schoberi, Beta-carbolines
Peganum harmala, (Syrian Rue), The seeds contain about 2-6% alkaloids, most of which is harmaline.Peganum harmala is also an abortifacient.

Peganum nigellastrum, Harmine
Tribulus terrestris, Harman

Zygophyllum fabago, Harman, harmine